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Dare to Shine is the creation of Cassie Haswell, a qualified weight management and nutritionist coach.

Cassie’s journey to helping people lose weight, eat healthily and achieve wellbeing both now and for the long-term, started in the year 2000 when she lost over five stone. Now qualified in weight management and nutrition, she has created Dare To Shine and really helping people make a difference!

“I found that I was eating lots of quick and easy processed foods and my weight ballooned very quickly,” Cassie said. “I had gone from being a sociable, happy young lady to a young lady that didn’t have any confidence to leave the house. I worked hard to change my eating habits forever”.

Cassie’s healthier lifestyle spurred her on to became a multi award-winning weight loss consultant and over 11 years she helped hundreds of people achieve their ideal weights. “I developed my own unique coaching style”, said Cassie, “that focuses on working on more than food choices but inner happiness, control and how lifestyle choices affect food choices. Over my years of weight loss coaching, I’ve also realised that eating healthier for your own health and not just for weight loss will give your journey depth and longevity.”

Throughout Cassie’s life she has dared to shine, motivating herself to achieve big. Spurred on by her weight loss achievement, she started focusing on fitness challenges such as Tough Mudders, marathons, and climbing mountains. She has tackled Kilimanjaro and even the great Mount Everest.

”With years of experience in the weight loss industry, i knew something had to change to really help people longterm . Ive created Dare To Shine to really help people make changes, and i’m there to guild in anyway . Weight loss and wellbeing has to be tailored to individual needs to have success”



Cassie said:

“Both mountains have taken massive amounts of self-discipline and belief in myself.
This helped me see how far we are able to push ourselves, and the rewards waiting for us in life when we are willing to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones.”

“I love to motivate others and truly want to help you believe in yourself. I help others see why they are important enough to take steps to a future they deserve – happy and healthy to savour as much as possible”.

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