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Residents of Dorking, here is why you need to be a member of Dare to Shine: being a member gives you access to unlimited support, motivation and a guide on how to embrace a healthier lifestyle. With the encouragement we give for an open and happier mind set, your journey to a healthier lifestyle becomes easy and come naturally.

Dare to Shine focuses on new approaches that we implement to bring changes to your choice of food and your overall mind-set to affect you into being positive and live a healthier lifestyle.

With hundreds of success stories to our name, Dare to Shine operate motivational meetings and a fantastic focus group and the results so far have been undeniable applauding.

Cassie Haswell is a qualified weight management and nutritionist coach who started the journey of Dare to Shine and has provided wonderful success to the community at large. Instead of doing the whole dieting work that might not bring results, Cassie opts for foods that are not processed, simple with easy recipes, tasty and so delicious, making the whole journey fun and a sweet one to embark on.

Get in touch with Cassie today and get started on your weight loss journey!

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Here’s what our fantastic Dare to Shine members have to say:



“Dare to Shine has changed my life for the better. I’m more confident, I’m fitter, healthier and my relationship with food is so positive! I’m making really tasty healthy meals from scratch on a low budget for the whole family.  And on the plus side I’ve lost lbs each week! Dare to Shine is a way of life for me now I could never go back to the old me because I’m loving the new me, she is here to stay!”



“Dare to Shine is amazing… such a healthy way to look at food and my mental attitude towards it. Cassie is so enthusiastic and is always there for you and the support network is great. It's like a family.” 



“Love this programme - a more holistic view of health and wellbeing, no calorie counting or feelings of guilt or defeat at the scales, plus support and encouragement throughout. I no longer obsess about what I eat and worry about the next weigh in. This has changed my relationship with food and my health in a positive way. I would highly recommend having a 1-1 session this really helped me.”

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