Success Story

Here Cassie tells Sara’s story.

This amazing inspirational lady achieved 50lb this week with Dare To Shine. 
Changing her life for the better and shining so brightly that you can see her from out of space. 
The transformation is not just on the outside, but in every single aspect. 
Dare to shine teaches you about self belief, habits, emotional eating and how to eat forever.
Every one deserves to feel like this. 
Believe and you can achieve

Sara is a role model to all, inspiring with recipes she makes, and how active she and her family have become.  Sara has stripped her eating back and has a new love for cooking, and food.

She lives with new ease with food by listening to the simple eating formula Dare To Shine encourages. Sara has encouraged her whole family to make changes, with great tasting food, the whole family want to eat. Everyone now has more energy and enjoys time out walking and being active.

”with years of unsuccessful yo-yo mainstream dieting under my belt it has taken time for me to learn a new way to eat, but i’m so pleased i did. I feel free, in-control and  i know ill keep the wight off.;’ 

  Well done Sara for daring to shine!

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