Teresa’s Story

Here Cassie tells Julies Story

Julie joined Dare To Shine following what Cassie calls a ‘shift’ in lifestyle.

Julie always cooked well and looked after her family, was always busy and kept her weight down.


Julie struggled when she was faced with older children and living alone.

She no longer found the motivation to cook for just 1! And found herself making a slice of toast and a steamed pudding, over cooking a meal.


Beardom in the evenings lead to bars of chocolate, and naturally with less people to look after she moved less. The weight started to creep, and habits formed.


Joining Dare To Shine Julie saw ways around the cooking barriers. Preparing early in the day helped in the evens when the desire to cook had dropped. This solution made eating easier and the love of food started to return.

Also learning through D2S techniques to make food count, make it tasty and now she doesn’t want the puddings. Just great tasting exciting food.


Following a 3 stone weight loss, Julie pushed herself outside of her comfort zone and travelled to Spain alone and spent a month up in the hills in Spain. This is something Julie always wanted to do, but lacked the confidence.

The trip showed her new self-confidence and belief and Julie continues to not put life on hold.


Julie inspires and supports others, and truly shines !

Dare to Shine Spotlight

Here Cassie tells Teresa’s story.

Teresa joined Dare to Shine with weekly one-to-one support meetings. After a month she joined the group meetings. By working together Teresa identified and worked through her emotional eating in the evenings. By being able to talk outside of a group environment, she really started to understand some patterns. We worked together on breaking down walls that Teresa had built up over the years with her eating, her weight and long-term dieting.

Teresa found she enjoyed eating the food from Dare to Shine’s eating plan; she found it easy to keep to and the weight loss happened as a symptom of how she was living.

When I first met Teresa, she was worried about an operation she had coming up. With Dare to Shine’s plan and mindset, she was 2 stone lighter for the operation, and her mind was far more at ease – which is fantastic!

Following the operation Teresa has lost her 50lb with Dare to Shine, and recently been on holiday feeling more comfortable in herself.  Teresa is still on her journey, but now has a far healthier approach to eating, her emotions and self-confidence.

Teresa inspires others now in the group and is happy to talk about what works for her.  It’s a long way to come after years of yo-yo dieting.

Well done Teresa for daring to shine!

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